8 thoughts on “D.D. Kosambi

  1. d d kosami ko hum log unke abhutvapurva bauddhik karyo ke liye jante hai tatha “mithak aur itihaas” jaisa shodh mill ka patthar hai.
    sandeep m. sapkale
    lecturer,distance education
    m.g.a.hindi university,wardha

  2. It was surprising that someone had come up with Kosambi. Will visit Aravind Gupta’s site too.

    Kosambi’s definition of history as the relationship between the forces and relations of production was something, which other historians prior to him had opted not to see or ignore rather. He was the first one to admit that link between history and the classes. In that sense he was the forerunner of our modern historical studies.

    All the best to your attempt.


    Rajeeve Chelanat


  3. It’s a small tribute of sorts for DDK. When I started surfing the internet about a decade back, I was surprised that there is little information about him and many other Indian writers. My initial site and the blog are an attempt to keep DDK’s writings alive on this medium.

    Of course, Arvind Gupta has done far more by making all his books available in pdf format.

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