Gaza Links

Sam provides a quick summary of events leading to the invasion of Gaza Strip by Israel:

Far more ominous is the suppression of information that directly affects the present conflict:

1. The ceasefire of the last 6 months was based on Israeli promises of lifting the crippling economic seige imposed since 2006, when Hamas won the elections.

Tony Kamron interviews Avrum Burg, former speaker of the Israeli legislature who takes a refreshing, introspective and long term view of what Israel has come to be:

I have very low expectations of new thinking and insight emerging from the mainstream Israeli and Jewish establishment. Their role is to maintain the status quo. Israel is bereft of forward thinking. We are experts at managing the crisis rather than finding alternatives to the crisis. In Israel you have many tanks, but not many think tanks. One of the reasons I left the Israeli politics was my growing feeling that Israel became a very efficient kingdom, but with no prophecy. Where is it going?

(link via Ve Balaji)

Meanwhile, there is a thundering silence on part of the Indian government on the Gaza events. What a long turn from the days when India was solidly behind the Palestine struggle. The Indian Home Minister, P Chidambaram is instead off to report to the current regime in the White House with a dossier on the Mumbai attacks. Not the foreign minister, but the home minister! With the pressure of the Left gone, there is complete silence on part of the UPA government as far as the recent events in Gaza are concerned. Even during the 2006 invasion of Lebanon, it had taken the Indian government weeks before it responded. The only news report I have seen is at ndtv last week which informs us that India is doing “a tight rope act”.

India recognized the state of Israel in 1992. In 2005, Israel had become the second largest exporter of arms to India after Russia. No wonder that India is just another mute spectator to the developments in Gaza. The picture below will help to remind that it was not always so.

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