War as a Weather Report?

The BBC has started a weekly report monitoring the Iraq war. It will not be long before some smart Alec starts a weekly forecasting service as well.

Mutilated bodies are still a familiar sight in Baghdad hospitals.

Al-Yarmouk reported 46 bodies were brought in, all beheaded. The victims included men, women and children – eight from one family. Other victims included four members of staff from the electricity ministry and 15 from the police force.

At al-Kindi, 15 victims killed in violence were reported – eight less than the previous week. At both hospitals, the numbers wounded in violent incidents rose on last week’s total.

Al-Kindi hospital also reported that the number of patients treated for common illnesses was between 500 and 600 a day, while the hospital used to treat 800 a day before the US-led invasion in 2003. Baghdad’s forensic department reported that between 1 July and 16 July it had received an additional 270 bodies that had not been claimed by relatives.

Link via Tabsir, a fascinating blog that I have been following for sometime.

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