Switching to Google Reader

Yesterday, I switched over completely from bloglines to google reader, after having done a ‘parallel run’ for over a month. It was tough shifting away from bloglines, it being my trusted feed reader for over a year, but google reader turns out to be more convenient, and once again convenience won over loyalty. Briefly, google reader advantages that I see are:

– better video playing capabilities, bloglines did not always display the video and one had to open the post and then run click on the ‘play’ button

– the ‘star’ marking system centralizes the unread posts and one doesn’t have to scan through numerous feeds to locate a marked post

– the shared items feature is easy to use (shared items have been added below the ‘search’ button on the right column on this blog)

– the text is easier on the eye

– last but not the least, migrating enabled me to re- look into the feeds that I had accumulated and trimmed the list to half of its original size over the last couple of weeks

The export to OPML from bloglines feature works as well as the import to google reader, and my bloglines account stands defunct as of today.

der aaye, durust aaye !

The ‘edit tag’ feature is something that I haven’t used as yet and if it works well, I would be happy to say goodbye to del.icio.us too !

Update: Post comparingĀ  google reader and other feed readers

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