Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Jains – All Rejoice !

According to this analysis by the journal Foreign Policy, these are among the fastest growing religions in the world.

Religion     Adherents     Growth Rate
Islam:             1.3b             1.84%
Bahaism:         7.7m             1.7%
Sikhism:         25.8m         1.62%
Jainism:         5.9m             1.57%
Hinduism:     870m         1.52%
Christianity:     2.2b         1.38%

The reason for the top five in the list: high birth rates in India and South Asia.

Congratulations, all ! (Especially to Hindutva adherents whose delight at the high growth rate of Hindus is matched by even higher rates for Muslims and the following explanation for the growth of Christianity- cause enough for some bashing up of the proselytizers)

…Pentecostal movements in Latin America, Africa, China, and India. The fastest-growing individual church in the world is Misión Carismática Internacional in Colombia; the Pentecostal denomination began in 1983 in Bogotá and now boasts 150,000 members. Then there’s Orissa Baptist Evangelical Crusade in India, which reports some 670,000 adherents.


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