‘To Sir, With Love’

It seems like yesterday when one read a chapter out of E.R. Braithwaites’s To Sir, With Love. Then, I had felt I was the student wishing for a teacher that was like Sir.

It was an excerpt from the book in the English textbook in class six and we nonchalantly went on to the next chapter.

Yesterday night, I got to watch a movie based on the book.

This time, however, I imagined that I was the teacher, and imagined that I had had students like those in the book, like those in the movie.

Yesterday night, I completed an education.

6 thoughts on “‘To Sir, With Love’

  1. teachers aren’t valued anymore. braithwaite wrote about a world that was much more humane and slow paced and in which things other than money had some value. no more. today if you do not have money you have nothing and so education has become money centred instead of being value centred.

  2. Just for all concerned I am still in touch with E.R.Braithwaite of “to sir with love”.from Chennai,India.He is in the USA and doing well working in a college.His biography is in progress by Dr.Peggy David. I too share all that you all have to say and much more.Great book by a great mam-MY IDEAL.
    Those interested in contacting the above pls mail me

    Capt yeshwanth raj

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