14 June was the 78th birth anniversary of Che, and for the first time the President of Bolivia, the country where Che was murdered, visits La Higuera where Che breathed his last.

Reports from that area indicate that there are great expectations for the first visit of Evo Morales to the area as head of state, and for the fact that, for the first time in history, a president will pay tribute to Che Guevara.

Moldiz, coordinator of People’s General Staff — a political front of the masses who support the government — emphasized the consistency of the presidential tribute with the path of Morales’ struggle and the identification of his government with the ideals of the guerrilla.

The indigenous President included Che among the fallen heroes of more than five centuries of the indigenous and popular struggle, upon assuming the presidency, on the 22nd of January this year.

A wonderful birthday tribute to Che, here.

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5 thoughts on “Che

  1. Bhaswati

    From the link you posted:

    In the opinion of Bolivian political leader Hugo Moldiz, those advances of government policy demonstrate the relevance of the struggle of the Argentinean-Cuban revolutionary, who sought to ensure that the Bolivian people had access to health and education.

    Hope lives! Thanks for posting this.

  2. Renegade Eye

    Evo Morales is someone who spent his whole life as a parlimentarian. His rhetoric is to the left of his actual behavior. His land programs, and resource “nationalizations”, have been token, and not threatening to ownerships.

    Che’s ideas are more important for the time he lived, as oppose to someone like Trotsky, whose ideas still impact the world.

    We live in a world of symbols, icons and illusions.

  3. bhupinder singh

    Bhaswati: Thanks for the comment, yes, it is indeed the humanism of Che that is still inspiring. His violence belonged to his age, the humanism that inspired it, eternal.

    Renegade Eye: Not only Morales, but the whole lot of the Latin American Left in power today does not fit into an archetypal Left mould. Still, these are positive gains compared to the 1970s-80s. Some of the actions Morales or Chavez are taking are encouraging, though, the overall perspective is social- democratic, not socialism.

    Regarding Trotsky’s relevance, it s a topic for another debate altogether. My personal belief is that indeed he had a great many insights, and one of immediate import till 1991, was his analysis of the ex- USSR as a degenerate workers’ state.

  4. bhupinder singh

    Dilip: Thanks for the link. I particularly liked this sentence:

    “That may be why, in the end, Che’s most enduring legacy is his life. He reminds us that there is a value to being uncompromising, to believing in a cause.”

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