A tribute to Shanul Haq `Haqqee’

A tribute to Shanul Haq `Haqqee’, the grand old man of Urdu lexicography.

He had translated the Bhagawad Gita and Kautilya’s Arthshastra into Urdu, but first mastering enough Sanskrit to read the works in the original. For me, oneof the most memorable moments of our friendship came one bitterly cold afternoon. The sun was streaming through the bay window in his son’s living room, its light reflecting on the snow piled shoulder-high outside, as he read his translation of Shakespeare’s “Anthony and Cleopatra”, with me following the text in English. The scene described the intrigues and jealousies inside Cleopatra’s palace, and he could recite most of it just from his phenomenal memory. The Urdu vocabulary is not only more colourful and versatile, but its idioms are far more effective for describing the banter of slave girls in a harem.

Link via Urdu Ke Naam.

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3 thoughts on “A tribute to Shanul Haq `Haqqee’


    Last month on 28thApril I went to London to attend a function in memory of my father Dr.Shanul Haq Haqqee.It was organised by residents & Urdu lovers of U.K Mr.Mustafa,Mrs.Nasreen Mustafa, Dr.Shakeb and his colleagues on 29th April from 5pm to 730pm at London University’s Institute Of Education. They deserved full credit for a well organised beautiful function. Barrister Huma Price was the host and also the convener of the programme. I felt very proud to attend that function and would like to share that evening with you all. It was a well attended function and started with the speech of Dr.Javed Sheikh who is a Physician and a well known figure in literary circle of U.K.In a concise speech Dr.Javed talked about Dr.Haqqee and tried to cover his poetic, linguistic & translation work. A unique experiment of Ghazal by Haqqee “Ghazal Numa” was read by Fatima Sheikh in a very effective manner. His Kah Mukarniyaan were presented by two girls Ishrat Zubairi and Laila Erum the way girls must have been doing in Ameer Khusro’s days in India. One of the acts of Shakespeare’s play Anthony & Cleopatra translated by my late father published by Anjuman Taraq-e-Urdu sometime back and recently again by Oxford University Press was also presented in dramatic way by famous Stage Director Mr.Shamsuddin Agha,Lalat Mohan Joshi Kusum Panath Joshi and a student of the London University. Two humorous essays “Aik Lafz Dard” read read a Dr.Ahsan Zafar Zaidi (a well known Surgeon in U.K) and Mukarrar Kahay Bagh aer” was read by a student Aamna Najeeb, from his newly published book “Noak Jhoak” of Ferosz Sons Lahore.Two of his poetry’s from his book ” Phool Khilay Hain Rung Birnagay published by Humdard foundation for chidren were also read by two young girls. One of them Anglo Pakistani girl Prania Price read ” Bhai Bhulakar” and another 8 year girl Qudsia Bano Agha Shah read “Guriyoon Key Larai”. A few verses were also read by Vadia Mathoor from his poetic translation in Urdu of Hindu religion’s holy book “Bhagwad Geeta” which has recently been published by Fazli Sons Karachi.A lady Mrs.Pakeeza Baig in a very melodious voice and without music presented his Ghazal ” Phir Wo hee Duniya Dil-e-Diwana Yaad Anay Lagi Zindagi Afsana Der Afsana Yaad Anay Lagi”.This Ghazal was sung by Mehnaz Begum on PTV sometime back.In the end two Indian origin artists couple Sanjiv and Karoona presented a Ghazal of Haqqee Sahib”Naghma Yoon Saaz Main Tarpa Mairy Jaan Ho Jaisay “with Harmonium and Tabla.

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