Bush on India Visit

Arundhati Roy on Bush’s India visit:

Oh, and on March 2, Bush will be taken to visit Gandhi’s memorial in Rajghat. He’s by no means the only war criminal who has been invited by the Indian government to lay flowers at Rajghat. (Only recently we had the Burmese dictator General Than Shwe, no shrinking violet himself.) But when Bush places flowers on that famous slab of highly polished stone, millions of Indians will wince. It will be as though he has poured a pint of blood on the memory of Gandhi.

Link via Left I.

Urban Indians seem to consider Bush as a friend while Prakash Karat explains the Left position.

India needs to be on guard against the US’ new-found interest and patronage. The Bush presidency, now in its second term, has become notorious for arrogant unilateralism, circumventing the UN’s authority, violating the sovereignty of countries and for outright military aggression. It seeks to disguise imperialist policy under an ideological cloak of “spreading democracy” and promoting “free markets”.

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