More on Morales

Daphne Eviatar identifies three major obstacles before ‘Bolivia’s homegrown President’ Evo Morales- the financial force that Western oil companies may exert to oppose any nationalization of the oil industry in the country that is South America’s second largest producer of oil, the US Congress’s opposition to any international aid to the poverty striken country if Bolivia refuses to continue with the coca eradication program and the opposition of the rich land owners to the land reforms.But then, no change has been brought about easily- and Morale’s ability to navigate through the maze of these obstacles will determine the future course for Socialism in South America.

Interestingly, the same article quotes Morales indicating the forging of ties with China- indeed along with Venezuela and other countries in South America, it may well form a formidable bloc. The formerly communist China may still have its uses for socialism!

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