Rap, Race and Riots in France

Socialist realism may no longer be the rage but art can still have an impact on society and events as this report from NPR indicates.200 French MPs have blamed Rap musicians for inciting violence last month. The musicians differ and point to its role in reflecting contemporary society.

Two hundred members of the French parliament are calling for legal action against several rap musicians for allegedly inciting violence and racism in last month’s suburban riots. Rap artists and their mentors say the music reflects economic and social reality, and shouldn’t be blamed for the unrest.

For more than a decade, French rappers have been venting the anger of an alienated underclass, but rappers say politicians haven’t been listening. Matteo Ferran, part owner of the record label Street Skillz, says suggesting rap is to blame for the riots is a case of shooting the messenger.

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2 thoughts on “Rap, Race and Riots in France

  1. kameshhttp://www.cyd.liu.se/~kamva881/blogs/musings/

    All I can say is “art imitates life”. This simple fact is being overlooked in this case.

    This coming from a nation which is considered to be a bastion for artists and art is ridiculous.


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