Tomo Chi Chi

I am in Savannah today. I took a walk along the Riverfront, the statues and the parks and the evidently European flavour of the neighbourhoods near the riverfront reminded me of Pondicherry, the heat and the humidity adding to the effect.

The surprise discovery was the grave of the Indian chief who practically gave away the state of Georgia to its white founder George Oglethrope (and after whom a major road in Savannah is named). The Indian chief has been praised as a ‘man of fine physique, tall and of great dignity’.

All this for one who in the pre-ceeding paragraph on the same plaque has been identified as the person who negotiaged the ‘treaty that ratified on May 23, 1733, pursuant to which Georgia was settled‘. When it should have said annexed.

In India as well, we had terms to identify persons of such great stature. They were referred to as the running dogs of British imperialism.

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