Marching for the World’s Poor

I am touched as I myself sit in a reasonably comfortable hotel on the riverfront in a Southern US coastal city as I read this story. I often wonder about a statement that a person once made, about 16 years ago, when TKR introduced me to his friend saying that this young man is a communist. His friend replied: a communist at 20, and a capitalist at 40. I am still a couple of years away from being 40…will the about turn be complete by then?

BTW, it is hot and sultry in Savannah. The waters at the Tybee island beach, brownish and muddy…I liked the walk around the old downtown yesterday and also the visit to the Pulaski Fort today morning. The River cruise for today afternoon is what I am looking forward for the evening and then a good dinner and sleep before going off to South Carolina and then to Atlanta tomorrow. And back to work.

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